About Sharken

If It’s Broken, Then Fix It

We’re a team of cybersecurity experts who — over hundreds of clients and dozens of verticals —saw a deeply broken assessment system:

endless, nitpicky questions that predictably fry your brain

binary “yes/no” responses that allow for zero nuance

generic, irrelevant recommendations that don’t reflect the true risks — and never get done.


To avoid problems, nearly every responder answers “yes” to every assessment question — even when they have no clue what it means. Or even when the “yes” applies to a tiny part of their infrastructure…and not the rest.

They just want to put this annoying, lengthy, insufferable process behind them.


  • Too much time spent…and critical risks missed.
  • A glowing report…and behind the curtain, lots of holes.
  • Compliance checked off…but the business is just as vulnerable.
Wait — wasn’t protecting the business the whole purpose of this assessment?!

We created Sharken to UNCOMPLICATE COMPLIANCE and actually PROTECT REAL BUSINESSES with actionable cybersecurity roadmaps.

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Cybersecurity Is Not A Game. Neither Is Compliance

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