Cyber Security Speaker

Cybersecurity, also termed information technology security or electronic information security, seeks to secure computers, mobile devices, electronic systems networks, servers, and data from dangerous attacks. Cybersecurity concerns itself with network security, application security, information security, operational security, end-user education, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

A cyber security speaker gets invited to speak in conferences and seminars on cybersecurity issues such as ransomware attacks, cloud attacks, phishing attacks, software vulnerabilities, blockchain and cryptocurrency attacks, and other related issues. So much information is stored on systems, devices, and servers that are connected to the internet. Cybersecurity uses the best security protocols to ensure they are not breached.


We are in the age of information. Every day, almost everyone worldwide sends and receives information through the available online social media platforms, using the internet. Today, people save their sensitive personal details, such as bank account details, online. Also, Multi-million-dollar business deals are transacted online.

So many activities which used to be done onsite are now done online. Even education is gradually shifting to online platforms with the alternative of internet-based solutions. That is how powerful the internet has made information. All kinds of information, both private and public, are online. And this informs why online networks and secure servers are used to store information.

Cybersecurity, therefore, seeks to essentially protect sensitive information by keeping pace with the daily advancement in technology, which makes cybersecurity experts indispensable.


A cybersecurity expert is skilled in cyber crisis management. This entails either responding to or avoiding a forthcoming threat to an organization's information security. Cybersecurity professionals are knowledgeable about security information and event management (SIEM).

These experts are armed with analytical strength to fish out threats and proffer lasting solutions to them. They are also skillful in operating firewalls to their clients' advantage and can identify security features that require improvements.

However, with the series of occurrences worldwide, isn't it worthwhile to invite a cybersecurity expert to your event to provide helpful information to protect your organization from cyber threats? Here are the different occasions you can invite cybersecurity experts to deliver speeches

  • Webinars on Online Money Transactions:

You can organize a webinar on online money transactions and invite a leading cyber security speaker to speak on the safe practices to adopt in online money transactions to avoid scams. Activities involving online payments like e-commerce, online banking, cloud services, and the likes can be adequately dissected and analyzed to the webinar attendees' understanding.

  • Artificial Intelligence Seminar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now widely used in businesses, especially in the information technology and telecommunications sector. It is used as either a sword to support malicious attacks or a shield to repel cybersecurity risks. AI is becoming more valuable by the day in the cybersecurity sector to manage cyber threats. An AI specialist will educate you on the dual role of AI in the realm of cybersecurity, as it can be a blessing and a curse.

  • Financial Institutions

It will interest you to note that financial institutions, such as banks and stock markets are more prone to face cybersecurity risks. It is pertinent that they invite cybersecurity consultants to their events or seminars to analyze current trends in hacking and ways to prevent data breaches.

  • Business Seminars

Businesses are not excluded from the legal necessity of involving cybersecurity advisors in their cybersecurity events. Businesses have gone digital, and a lot of personal and confidential data are transacted in businesses. Inviting cyber security speakers to lecture the staff on the best ways to prevent hacking and data breaches using impenetrable cybersecurity policies is wise and profitable.

  • Governments and Defence Conference

All over the world, governments and their defense departments take security seriously. And a sub-stratum of this security is cybersecurity, as some hostile nations and terrorists attack governments with the sole aim of implanting anarchy in those countries. The defense department of government cannot overlook the importance of inviting cybersecurity experts to speak on nullifying cyber-attack attempts whenever they host such events.

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